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POD: The Pattern Universe, #2

286 pages5 hours


Humanity has managed to develop its fledgling World Space Council, but it's still far from being an effective entity. There are those who do not want it to succeed at all. While the alien AI, Pod, is the only thing standing between humanity and those intent on eradicating all biological sentience within the galaxy. It's almost too much for the tiny escape pod that is left in charge of their safety.

So, while humans continue to war with each other over who should lead them into a future fraught with uncertainty and danger, the tiny AI attempts to find some means of ensuring the eventual winner has something to defend Earth with.

It doesn't help that the AI has been inadvertently damaged from the use of contaminated alloy from it's adopted 'Maker', Zeke. 

So, as Pod continues to explore it's increasing abilities, it finds that Zeke's thoughts on artificial sentience begin to gel with it's own growing awareness. However, with everything that is going on Pod has little time to ponder it's own existence and the issue gets pushed onto the back burner when the action starts. 

Has the plucky little AI done enough, or will the Nubl overrun the Earth?

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