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Private Showing (The Amorous Agent, #2)

40 pages31 minutes


Warning: This 8,000 word story features explicit descriptions of erotic acts, and is intended for readers aged 18+ only!

In this sequel to OPEN MARRIAGE OPEN HOUSE, real estate agent Eloria Solis continues her adventures, repurposing the empty houses of the wealthy as her own private playground.

After a skinny-dip in a client’s pool leads to a hot chance encounter with stunning young groundskeeper Maxwell, Eloria can’t stop fantasizing about the black man’s chiseled body ... and additional attributes.

When she shares her fantasies with her husband, Charles, he encourages her to seduce the young gardener in the palatial bedroom of a client’s unlived-in house ... but only if Charles can watch.

But will Maxwell’s natural talent in the bedroom prove too hot for Eloria’s Hispanic blood? Or for Charles, secretly watching from the closet?

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