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Duty and Desire (Strength in Her Softness, #1)

40 pages36 minutes


Bored and stuck at home with her baby, Shanice crashes into trouble when she drives straight into Brannon Lamont's Mercedes.
He's rich, brash, handsome and just the sort of man she knows she could never have. Which makes his lunch invitation all the more tempting.
Brannon's been licking his wounds after a humiliating break-up, but when Shanice enters his life, he begins to wonder if she's the kind of woman he's needed all along.
There's only one thing standing in their way - Shanice is married.
She won't cheat on her husband like he cheated on her, which leaves her with a decision to make.
Will she choose duty, desire or freedom?

This short story is roughly 9,300 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

The cool bed-sheets made me convulse in one big shiver and my skin came up in goose bumps. I snuggled down, closing my eyes as I imagined what might have happened if that afternoon’s kiss had gone on any longer.

I thought of Brannon touching me, kissing me. I wrote the story in my mind – he took my hand in the park and led me away to an expensive hotel. Too needy to wait, we kissed in the lift, hands seeking out flesh underneath our clothes. When the doors opened, he lifted me into his arms and carried me to the room.

I could see it all so vividly, feel his weight when he laid me on the bed and got on top of me. Arching my back up off the mattress, I sighed as I remembered his tongue in my mouth.

I thought my libido had died when I had Jacob, but here it was, roaring back to life. Brannon. I wanted him so much. It was difficult to believe he wanted me too.

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