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The Secret Life of Indian Gigolo (BlueFalcon Love Stories, #2)

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Indian Gigolo can be anybody. It could be the boy nextdoor, a college student, a bar bouncer, an air-steward, a software engineer or even a dhobhiwala who comes to your house to collect clothes for wash. He is there right nextdoor, willing to satisfy the burning desires. He will make you happy, contended, and crave for more and more. He substitutes your husband, wife, mistress or anyone you share your bed with. He comes to your dreams, talks to in loneliness, whispers in your ears when you want to hear those beautiful, romantic words in a dusky voice.

What does he do? How does he look? What makes him so special? What can he give which your own life-partner could not offer? Why do you need to meet him? The answers are here. These are the eight most realistic, candid, adventurous, intense love stories told by Indian gigolos. Their happy moments, challenges, relationships with their clients, ups and downs and the most romantic private details are shared here. Gym instructor, college student, multinational employee or BPO staffer...they are tall, dark and available. Finances, films or fun lure many men to a trade whose clientele is slowly changing from rich, bored women to the middle-class housewives. The new face of Indian gigolo industry is shown for the first time in these stories.

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