When Mikey Made The Rules: The Mikey Books, #1

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When Mikey Made The Rules: The Mikey Books, #1

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 53 pages39 minutes


When Mikey Makes the Rules is a fun chapter ebook for kids to improve their reading and vocabulary skills and learn about rules and responsibility
Mikey is a good boy, but he just doesn’t like following rules. His hero, Razorman, doesn’t have to, why should he?
One day when he is having a very bad day, something wonderful happens. The principal sends home a letter saying that for the rest of the week, the kids could make the rules and parents would have to do what they say.
Hooray, he thinks. Now I can do anything I want.
But did this turnabout turn out to be as much fun as Mikey and his best friend Dylan expected?
Watch what happens when Mikey eats as much ice cream and pizza as he wants.
When he stays up all night watching TV.
When Dylan comes for a sleepover on a school night.
When he tears up the Chores List.
When he leaves his toys and clothes around instead of putting them back where they belong.
After this week, Mikey learns some important lessons about rules, and so does Mom.
Hit the Buy button now and learn some lessons about rules for yourself.

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