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The Last of the Cowboys - Boxed Set (Gay Cowboys Erotic Romance)

68 pages59 minutes


A New Gay Cowboy Erotic Romance Series That'll Set You On Fire!

After months of being unemployed, Rex has finally gotten a new job in Cherry Falls as a dude wrangler. However, he has to contend with Clay Denning, his new employer's son who's a wild and unruly cowboy that does whatever he pleases. However, Rex soon discovers that there's more to Clay than meets the eye, and finds himself struggling with an uneasy attraction towards the boss's son.

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“Just good? Man, you sure are miserly with the compliments. I’d say I look spectacular. Ladies and gentlemen, lock up your daughters and sons, ‘cause Clay Denning is a’ coming to town.”

Rex’s ears pricked up slightly. “…And sons.” Had Clay really just said that?

Clay went to the kitchen to grab his food and was back in a couple of minutes. “So tell me, buddy,” he asked, “why is it that a good looking, single man like yourself prefers to spend his Friday evenings resting at home as opposed to going out?”

“What makes you think that I’m single?” Chuck.

“Just a hunch. So am I right?”

“Yup. You don’t have to rub it in.”

Clay laughed uproariously, nearly doubling over. “Rub it in? Goodness, buddy…you don’t know how god damn lucky you are. The amount of tail a handsome, young stud like yourself can get. Why would you ever want to be attached?”

“Well, I guess we probably value different things in life then.” Rex said, trying to finish up the rest of his meal as quickly as possible. He wasn’t really in the mood to listen to anyone talk about how fantastic it was to play the field. Rex had always been a one man kind of guy. He was old-fashioned that way and believed in sharing a special connection with someone. Back then, he’d thought he shared a special connection with Chuck. Chuck.

“Guess so, buddy,” Clay continued, “Me, I can’t imagine being in a relationship myself. I think I’d probably go crazy from boredom.”

“So you usually hit the local bars, trying to pick up women?” Rex asked, trying to change the subject. It was a bit of a sore spot for him and Clay was probably the last person he wanted to have this sort of conversation with.

“Depends really. Lots of cute men in town as well.” Clay said, winking mischievously at him.

Rex’s eyes narrowed slightly. So he hadn’t misheard earlier. Guess there was more to Clay than meets the eye. He wolfed down the rest of his dinner. “Thanks so much for dinner but I think I’d better be going. Gotta rest up for the new week ahead.” he said.

“Sure I can’t interest you in a night out on the town?”

Rex smiled a jaded smile. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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