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Dominating Her Man: The Complete Series

88 pages1 hour


This bundle combines all three parts of the Dominating Her Man Series, totaling more than 21,800 words. Join Jenna as she begins exploring the world of dominance and submission and takes control of her submissive boyfriend, Brandon.

Mastering Her Man
Jenna’s no snoop, but a sleepless night leads her to check her boyfriend’s online history. What she finds there surprises her, but the biggest surprise is how much it turns Jenna on. Now it’s time to explore her dominant side and try out her first strap-on.

Training Her Man
Jenna’s thrilled that exploring her desire to dominate has revived her sex life with her boyfriend Brandon, but she wants more. So, she makes a suggestion.

Besides, doesn’t a good Domme push her sub to try new things?

Controlling Her Man
All that stands between Jenna and a vacation full of sexy opportunities is an office party at Brandon’s law firm. She wants to just get through the night, but her boyfriend’s boss is intolerable so Jenna forms a plan.

Jenna decides to have some good, kinky fun and put Brandon to work that night in his boss’s office.

These stories are for adults only and feature:
Strap-on sex
CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male)
Orgasm control/Orgasm denial
Light bondage
Anal sex
Oral sex
Toy use

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