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Genesis: Daddy's Little Demon Hunter, #1

216 pages2 hours


Brooke has all the usual worries you'd expect of a twenty-three year-old rich girl - how to do her hair for her best friend's wedding, how to make Jamie Benson notice her, how to keep her budding interracial romance a secret from her daddy and how to defeat the seven-foot tall demon who shows up to claim her soul.
Actually, that last one isn't so typical.
Brooke's daddy has been training her to fight demons ever since she was a little girl, but when a big bad evil turns up and tries to grab her it unleashes a torrent of secrets that literally take her to hell and back.
Jamie stays by her side every step of the way, but does he like her or does he just want to be friends? Whichever it is, he has his very own skeleton in the closet and it's standing between them.
Can Brooke get her daddy to tell her the whole truth about why the demon wants her? Will she ever get to lock lips with gorgeous blue-eyed Jamie? And when the dust settles, just what will she do with the rest of her life?
Genesis is the first novel in the Daddy's Little Demon Hunter series and is approximately 52,000 words long.
Contains mild swearing.

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