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College co-ed Misty Sanders awakens in a dark, damp room, wondering how she got there. She is cold, hungry, and alone. Her only company is a guard who comes to bring food less often than she would like. She is held as a sole captive for weeks until one day, someone falls into her darkened world.

Conrad Banner is a college student by day and bartender by night. One evening, he is brutally attacked, taken on a long journey, then tossed into a basement cell. Injured and sore from his ride in the back of a van, a voice in the darkness captures his attention.

The two prisoners develop a bond, talking through tiny peepholes in their cell doors. Neither has seen more than an eye of the other yet their need for each other grows. Conrad wants to save her. Misty wishes for a "happily ever after."

After what feels like an eternity to them both, they are taken out of their cells and placed in another room together. What happens there is beyond what either of them has ever experienced before. It is just the beginning of a very dark and gruesome journey they must travel together to survive.

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