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The Romance of Spanking, the complete collection

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Now compiled in a single volume, Disciplinary Tales is pleased to present a collection of stories that celebrate the romance of spanking. Included within this book are all four of the Romance of Spanking ebooks, previously published in separate volumes, Volumes 1-4. These are tales of willful ladies and lusty men, couples who often find themselves on a collision course that can only result in one thing -- passionate romance and frequent bare bottom spankings. Both are in abundant supply within these pages. Here you will find knights and damsels, private I's and dames, tutors and students, pirates and captives, deputies and schoolmarms, and of course, young lovers experiencing that first heady rush of passion.  There are spoiled heiresses, mischievous girlfriends, conniving career women, and courageous princesses, as well as international spies, millionaire moguls, handsome doctors and high school principals. The collection includes both contemporary and historical tales from several different eras, including medieval settings, the roaring 20's, the 1840's and the 1890's. The genres include contemporary romance, mystery, and swashbuckling adventure.
This volume consists of twenty stories, some of which are novelette length. In all, the book contains over 105,000 words and 223 pages (326 pages in print).


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