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Wounded Protector (Protectors Series, #3)

165 pages3 hours


What are we without our memories?

Special Forces soldier, Jansen Michaels, lost a year of his life and his long-term memory to a madman bent on killing everyone Jansen loves. After a daring escape, Jansen runs to the one person he’s sworn to protect at all costs…only to find she doesn’t need his protection. She needs his love.

Dr. Lisa Trenery has spent the last year of her life searching for Jansen Michaels. As team doctor for the superhero set, her job is to reverse the effects of Peter Reeser’s genetics experiments. She grieved with the rest of the team when they lost Jansen in battle, but now that he’s back, he’s changed—and he has more than retribution on his mind. When the attraction between them explodes, she knows loving him could cost her friends their freedom.

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