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Australia's wild places are the settings for love and danger in Ryn Shell’s crime mysteries.
The themes of crime, betrayal, mystery, resilience and love transcend borders.

Thrilling and tragic aspects of Australian history are revealed in the coming-of-age story of Jarrah and Emily and the small inland country town of Fife Springs.

The lagoon named Dreaming Billabong formed when Massacre Creek changed course. It reflects every colour of the Rainbow Serpent that rests in its depth. When the serpent sleeps, ghostly silver plumes of mist rise from the still waters and even life-hardened swagmen swear they hear the ghost.

As with the soil at Tara for Scarlet and her father in the GWTW epic, country and the billabong holds a spiritual significance for Jarrah and Emily.

A ghost may be heard if you pass by that billabong. Parents of lonely and neglected children be warned.

Book 3 ESCAPE.

Jarrah and Emily discover their affinity, the likeness of one for the other. Iain Fife the heir to the Fife Downs Cattle Station protects them from payback retaliation for Emily’s father’s crimes.

DREAMING BILLABONG is a series of stand-alone books.

The series is available in the book bundles STOLEN YEARS and BILLABONG SECRET.

Also available as stand-alone stories within a series as:







7. FIRE.

Glossary of Australian Words.

With billabong in the title, you will know that this book contains Australian words. The Glossary of Australian words, e.g. Grazier = rancher. Station = ranch. Stockman = cowboy is in the back of the book. Most words are easily understood when read in context.

Bonus: This edition includes an excerpt from book 4 of the series, FLOOD.

Published: R K Press on
ISBN: 9781501433801
List price: $3.99
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Availability for Escape: Book 2 STOLEN YEARS Trilogy (Dreaming Billabong, ...

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