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Go-Kart Rush

Go-Kart Rush

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Go-Kart Rush

59 pages
23 minutes
May 24, 2013


Tony is used to being the best. With his old kart, he won every single race. But now he's twelve, and he's moved up to the next class of racing, TAG karts. Sure, he gets to drive a cool new kart that goes faster than anything he's ever driven. But he has to race against kids three years older than him, who aren't nice to him, and who have been driving TAG karts for years. How is Tony supposed to get used to losing? And when Jon, one of the older kids, invites him to practice, is Jon just setting Tony up for more embarrassment?
May 24, 2013

About the author

Who is Jake Maddox? Athlete, author, world-traveler – or all three? He has surfed in Hawaii, scuba-dived in Australia, and climbed the mountains of Peru and Alaska. His books range from the most popular team sports to outdoor activities to survival adventures and even to auto racing. His exploits have inspired numerous writers to walk in his footsteps – literally! Each of his stories is stamped with teamwork, fair play, and a strong sense of self-worth and discipline. Always a team-player, Maddox realizes it takes more than one man (or woman) to create a book good enough for a young reader. He hopes the lessons learned on the court, field, or arena and the champion sprinter pace of his books can motivate kids to become better athletes and lifelong readers.

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Go-Kart Rush - Jake Maddox



Tony pushed his kart up to the scale. He was second in line for weighing in, after a kid named Devin. It was Tony’s first race with his new TAG kart.

He loved his kart — he couldn’t help it. The way the red paint was so shiny, and the smooth way it went around curves.

Plus, it was the fastest thing Tony had ever driven.

The thing he didn’t love was being twelve. Sure, turning twelve meant he got to drive a TAG kart instead of his old 80cc kart. Sure, the TAG went super fast and looked awesome. He liked it way more than his old kart. But at least in his old kart, Tony knew he was going to win.

Today, he knew he probably wouldn’t. And he was really, really nervous.

Tony tried to remind himself how much he loved racing. Ever since his mom and dad had split up, he and his dad had spent every weekend either at the track or working on his kart.

His dad had bought him the TAG kart for his birthday two weeks earlier, and they had spent every minute since then getting it ready for today’s race.

Squinting in the hot sun, Tony looked over to the pit, where his dad stood, smiling and talking to other parents. He saw Tony look his way, smiled, and waved at him.

Just then Devin turned around. Whoa, what is this? said Devin.

Here it comes, thought Tony. Tony knew the older boys from watching them race for the past few years. They were all fifteen,

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