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Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down (Forged Bloodlines, #4)

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"Little old me, Anja Evans - art college drop out, relative newbie in vampire society and newly single without Bishop by my side - the new Jarl of the Northwest? Great googly moogly... how did I get myself into these things?"

There are new responsibilities for Anja to live up to as well as her growing entourage of friends crowding her out of house and home. With the news that Bishop is out of the picture, Jakob is back, his patience growing thin as he waits for Anja to put aside her petty distractions and take her place by his side. But Anja doesn't want to spend her life as an ornament, she's resolved to bring a sense of humanity back to the vampire community. With her newfound abilities (and a few well placed allies), the Order doesn't stand a chance against Anja and her determination to provide Sanctuary to any vampire that needs it. But the dangers in Anja's life might come from within the walls she's built to keep herself safe.

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