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Eric “Swave” Hawkins, an up-and-coming clothing designer, with a strong work ethic finds himself in the good graces of a millionaire mogul who funds his signature clothing line. Through hard work and superb fashion sense, he turns his clothing line into a success. On his way to unequivocal prominence in the industry, Swave meets and falls in love with aspiring supermodel Candice Gray, a reality TV star and face of a popular premium vodka brand. Equally determined for success in the fashion industry, she is destined for stardom in her own right. The two are made for each other, and she helps Swave to build his brand. Plans of marriage and children are in the future. Both lives are turned upside down by Candice’s younger sister, Tosha Gray. The envious and evil-hearted Tosha, who has connections with the dark underworld, takes her sister’s life, or the life she lived as a fashion model, while manipulating a host of abstract occurrences to win her prize. She tried to seduce and steal her sister’s fiancé, the phenomenal designer Swave. Lost and lonely without Candice, Swave tries to fight temptations, fighting not to yield to Tosha’s sexy and sultry advances . . .

A story of two ambitious young adults who enjoy love and romance. However, they are plotted against for monetary gain by hired villains. Will the two be able to withstand the darts of their adversaries to prove that they are absolutely tailor-made for each other?

A must-read joint!
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781499039689
List price: $5.99
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