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Going Native

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Perfect: Altered human born with no physical defects.
Native: Altered human born with physical imperfections.

Physical perfection. Everyone’s dream has become Lexus’s nightmare.

Born into a family that has unlocked the secret of DNA manipulation and become the creators of physical perfection, Lexus assumes her place will always with her father...until she discovers the legacy he is leaving.

Confronted with this sudden realization, she flees from the only way of life she knows. In escaping her past, Lexus finds a safe haven in the lights and sounds of the desert city, Reno...until the appearance of Hocking. A man with the power to destroy her with one word to the right person--their father.

Faced with the decision to run or stay, Lexus chooses to run...straight into a Perfect’s arm. Even if for only one night. Even if it’s wrong. Even if it shatters her.

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