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Plot Plans for writing NOVELS. Main example is from a Dreaming Biillabong novel by Ryn Shell.
Brief examples of how many classics follow similar variations of the Hero's Journey plot plan.

In this eBook, the Hero's Journey is shown in use as a basis for different types of novels. Each book in the Plot Plans "Write" series focuses on a different genre or sub-genre. Examples are given of great novels that follow these plot plans. Any one of these plot plans could form a starting point for your short story or novel, and a basis for your initial first draft of a novel.

Designed to give a starting point and guide for a plot to assist new authors.

Twelve point structure guide for the novel. As you loosen up and begin the first draft allow your characters and imagination to free you from the confines of the plan and be creative. Individuality will develop as you write your first draft. If you find yourself waffling, or running off course then pull back to the plan you have chosen.
No Writers Block.

By beginning with a plan and having that known successful plan to fall back on you will never developed writer’s block.
Basic Plot Examples.

Examples of Classic Romance, Poetry, Courtship and Seduction Scenes by Tennyson. Louisa May Alcott, ane Austen, Gustave Flaubert, and Artelle Freed.

The main example given is from Ryn Shell's Dreaming Billabong series. Each book in the "Write" series will focus on the plot plan for a different novel in the Dreaming Billabong series and show how the author used a different variation of the Hero's Journey, as an initial guide for structure. The purpose of this eBook is to share this with fellow authors, especially those unsure where to begin in structuring a novel, in the hope that this acquired knowledge by an experienced author might assist another writer.

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