Men want to find a nice, virtuous, modest woman but they're horny all the time too.

I like sexy women but I don't trust so-called advanced, trendy women acting like hot stuff. They're cold and indifferent. They have no warmth. They don't care who they are with as long as he has money. I've seen these gold digger type women in the media. Their rich husband dies or divorces them. Six months later they got some other guy.

Guys want a solid woman but they want her sexy too.

There was the story of the guy who married the nice, respectable girl his mother found for him but he was in love with a stripper who had a nice heart. Every time he got drunk, he lamented marrying the nice girl over his heart.

I used to be a teacher. There were lots of nice, young female teachers around but they seemed not to have that wild, free-spirited original way about themselves that I'm attracted to.

It's all in the heart. There is no either-or. Marry someone you feel an intuitive connection with. That's it.

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