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Mane Chance (A Soulstealer Novella, Book #2.5)

126 pages2 hours


Mane, a demon trapped in an elf’s body, has never been one to wait for the action to come to him. Sitting in the cloud city of Dell’Aria while he watches the red waters of Lake Mavrovo churn and boil is enough to get him moving. His old boss, the Demon King Ravanna, is on his way to the Realms and he may be the only one who can stop him.

Kit’s selkie mother has done her best to ruin her life, but Kit’s human side fears for her safety in Mavrovo. She and Mane are the only two who can venture through the infected land unharmed. Unfortunately, they probably won’t get too much alone time.

Warning: This novella is intended for mature readers over 18 years of age. It contains a sexy alpha male, and a sexually adventurous and plucky heroine. Please refrain from reading this novella if candid sexual scenes offend you.

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