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Soaring Above the Problems of Life

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There are many problems in this world. Our heavenly Father knows how to solve these problems. Unfortunately, many Christians try to solve problems the way that the world solves problems. The world’s ways are based on human logic and reasoning, but they are spiritually dead. Many of the problems that we are faced with originate in the spiritual realm and must be solved in the spiritual realm. Human logic and reasoning cannot solve problems in the spiritual realm. In order to solve many of the problems that are giving us difficulty, we must learn the ways of God. Our heavenly Father has given us the Bible to tell us what we need to know in order to solve our problems. As a result of dealing with problems in my own life and in the lives of many people whom I have counseled with, I have spent many years studying God’s Word to see exactly what it says about how to solve problems. In this book I will share what I have learned during several years of study and application of these spiritual principles.

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