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The Legend of Trixie Pug Part 8

Length: 22 pages13 minutes


Trixie Aioli and Cherry Bomb are on a mission to stop a wedding so Trixie will marry Herman Pug and become the CEO of Heavenly Sky Burger.

In part 7 we left our heroes about to be killed by Mega Fried Banana Branch storm troopers.

Now in part 8 they are rescued by intrepid space captian Bart Butterfinger and transported to another time line. This is when things get really weird.

Another chapter from the story of Trixie Pug who one day will rise to head the second largest fast food company in the universe in the year 3333.3.

See parts 1-7 for the rest of this story, or the novel Attack of the Lushites for more adventures in the universe of the future where addiction to fast foods rules!

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