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Length: 312 pages4 hours


A team of teens from all corners of the earth - statistical outliers in talents and intelligence - come together to fight against UNITEED, the warped world government that believes the norm is the ideal. UNITEED is suppressing environmental recovery and systematically reducing and controlling outside cultures. Only those young enough to be 'uncounseled' toward the norm can lead the way to change. They must thwart the ultimate goal of the Reverend Doctor: to bring all of humanity into genetically-manipulated communion.

Pan Espere selects the seven team members, each uniquely qualified due to their influence over pop culture - in sports, film, music, art, adventuring, technology, and opinion. But did she make the right choices? Her choices include the team leader, Senon Cormac, the son of the Reverend Doctor himself. But did she make the right choice? Abran Negasi isn't the one chosen to lead, but will he play a greater role than she planned? Especially since he's the one who leads her heart into places she'd rather not explore. Is Abran's own heart still with the love he lost when his Holdout village was destroyed? Will Senon be able to separate his hatred of his father from the goals of the team? And can he focus on the team and its mission when Pan is such an intriguing and attractive puzzle? Together, the Outliers must stop the Reverend Doctor before his plan succeeds.

Fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Legend series will be excited to read Outliers, Book 1 of the EOD series. This is the second edition, with new additions such as the map and lexicon.

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