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The Drackenmire Ghouls Aid an Ogre-Eater

Length: 383 pages5 hours


Various strange and disturing happenings gradually convince Jeeves Baldwin and the Drackenmire family of ghouls, ghouligans, and reformed vampires of which he is butler and representative to the world that a Remo, a REally Mean Ogre, is astir. When fully developed this deviant creature will be large, angry, and never-endingly destructive. The lesson of history is that these things can’t be contained or reasoned with, they must be quickly destroyed to protect everything else.
The family continue to be in the gunsight of neighbor Fannie Farker, this time about one of the strange happenings - stands of tall lush stinky weeds that shoot up overnight on the adjacent properties and for which someone must be blamed. Despite protests, their other neighbor, Villana DeCrewel, continues to turn her Dobermans loose on the street to chase anyone they can get at.
When Villana starts showing off a new man-toy named Horace the family suspect that he is in fact the Remo in the human form it can take on during its transition into its final monstrous form and over-nasty disposition.
To the rescue comes young Eleanor of Aspartame, a self-identified ogre-eater, the newest in an ancient line of humans who dedicate time and resources to the removal of nasty ogres and other creatures that threaten humanity. After initial doubts about her claims, the family conclude she is what she says she is so they back her up in the unavoidable battle to the death with the fully developed ogre-gone-especially-bad. Human history books don’t mention the potentially catastrophic event but the ghoulish memory history maintained by Yokey Yo-kelle probably gives extensive details about it - but only certain ghouls can tap into that record to find out.

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