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The Love Duology

Length: 170 pages3 hours


Previously short listed in the International Three Day Novel Contest Love Stacey is a triumph of the imagination. Stacey is an amnesic professor of mathematics at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. She is unaware of either her history or remarkable gifts until she meets an aging alcoholic named Jonathon Shaw. That's when the fireworks start and this remarkable novel takes off. Comedy/tragedy/mystery/fantasy/family history; Love Stacey is the story of a woman who - with the help of her aboriginal aunt, psychiatrist and accountant - finds name and memory through the power of love.
The second novel concerns Stacey's psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Call, who tries to prevent the tragic death of social worker Maya Capgow through the memory of her traumatized father. To do this she enlists the help of Stacey and Dr. Milton Erickson - in 1955 - then makes a remarkable transformation. This is a story of memory, redemption, love and... gorillas.

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