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Cyndra: A Modern Fairytale (Lesbian Romance)

Length: 36 pages36 minutes


A modern lesbian fairytale and retelling of the classic Cinderella story.

17-year-old Cyndra has one dream and one dream only: to get the hell away from her foster family! She's tired of playing maid to her wicked foster mother, her bitchy foster brother, and her mean, overweight foster sister.
When word gets out that Verbena's most eligible bachelorette, “Princess” Raven, is searching for a suitor, every young person in town wants the chance to bag the wealthy heiress. No one, not even Cyndra, will miss that opportunity.

Raven Wright isn't looking for love. She's young and there's still so much fun to be had. But if she doesn't get married soon she may never realize her dream of running her father's company. So she hosts a ball in the hope that she'll meet someone who will go along with the fake marriage. Her father's company is the furthest thing from her mind, however, when she meets Cyndra at the ball.

Maybe the marriage won't have to be fake after all...

This is a short story/novelette of 8,300 words. Rated PG.

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