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That Girl

Length: 310 pages4 hours


Your ideal woman doesn't exist? Create her.

Best friends Tiffany Burke and Kara Mascotti are in the same predicament: they're perhaps the only twenty-five-year-old lesbians in Chicago who have never been with women! They're convinced they will never get laid this side of thirty.

They're ready to try anything. Even Your Love Creator, a dodgy looking website that has scam written all over it. It isn't like any dating website they've encountered before. They're being asked to design their ideal woman, right down to the smallest detail. But it's just some harmless fun. Of course nothing will ever come of it...

So who is the gorgeous (and slightly crazy) woman who has turned up on their doorstep matching all of their requirements? And why does it look as though she's here to stay?

Whoever she is, Tiffany and Kara can be sure of one thing: their tidy lives are about to get very messy.

This wacky lesbian romantic comedy contains some strong language.

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