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Hocus Pocus Baby (The Magic Baby Series, #2)

Length: 90 pages1 hour


Raising a baby is tough; raising a magic baby is impossible!

There's an urban myth that says the first born daughter of a witch and a mortal woman will be a sorceress. Luckily, no one in Verbena believes in urban myths... .

The new baby is here! She's as beautiful as her brunette mother, and equally as volatile. When strange, unexplainable things start happening around the house, at first Leanne and Melissa think Dillon is involved; unlike him, his little sister is the product of both women, and they think he might be acting up because of this. But someone else might be behind it. Someone cute and angelical. Someone who shouldn't have that kind of power. After all, babies aren't born with magic...

It soon becomes apparent that their daughter Megan might not be as normal as they first thought. She has her own agenda: she wants her two mommies together, and she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants.

**This is a short story/novella of 21,000 words**

**Book Two in the Magic Baby series**

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