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Bringing Down the Heat

39 pages34 minutes


In Laredo, Texas a killer is on the loose. Patrick, the best detective on the force, is given the case. But even he might not be able to catch the Bloody Rose Slayer before the next victim falls prey to the mysterious death.
In a last ditch effort to find any information, especially about the inexplicable cause of death, Patrick visits an old flame. The price of information, however, isn't free. Will he pay the price asked? Can he handle it? And when all is said and done, if his flame has the answers to his questions, does it implicate him?

9,287 words 39 pages (approximately)
The man was gorgeous, and more over, he knew how to turn Patrick on. He knew every button, and had discovered a few new ones too. There was a fire in him, fire that he could transfer to Patrick with a mere touch of his fingers. No one had given him pleasure like Oska had, and no one had since.

Oska's hands slowly trailed up Patrick's shirt, eliciting tiny fires under his skin. Excitement thrilled through him and he pulled Oska closer. He felt like he needed to say something but he didn't know what. Oska's lips trailed across his jaw, his neck and shoulder. Patrick's breath quickened. A sharp, swift bite on his shoulder made him moan. Oska ran his tongue over the sensitive skin. Patrick was painfully aware of how much he needed some sort of contact over his throbbing flesh.

Quickly, smoothly, Oska lowered himself to the floor. Kneeling in front of Patrick he took hold of Patrick's knees. Spreading them wide he leaned in.

A slow lick over the tip made Patrick's entire body tense. Teasingly Oska rubbed his cheek along Patrick's shaft.

"Put it in your mouth already."

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