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A Collection of Historical Quotations

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This ebook consists of some of the most prolific historical writers of our time. The list comprising (50) is enumerated as follows: Alan Bullock, Albert Bushnell Hart, Anita Brookner, Arrian, Arthur Bryant, Arthur Helps, B. H. Liddell Hart, Bernard Berenson, Bruce Catton, Charles A. Beard, Cleveland Amory, Cyril Falls, Daniel J. Boorstin, David Herbert Donald, Donald Kagan, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Edward Gibbon, Eric Hobsbawn, Fernard Braudel, Francesco Guicciardini, George Bancroft, Hannah Arendt, Henry Adams, Henry B. Adams, Henry Steele Commager, Herodotus, Iris Chang, Irving Howe, James Anthony Froude, James Truslow Adams, Johan Huizanga, John Acton, John Edward Christopher Hill, John Hope, Franklin, Len Deighton, Lord Acton, Marc Bloch, Martin Van Creveld, Mary Ritter Beard, Matthew Hale, Michael Beschloss, Michael Foucault, Paul Fussell, Peter Gay, Philip Guedalla, Richard Hofstadter, Robert Hewison, Victor Davis Hanson, Wilhelm Dilthey and Will Durant.

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