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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens After Death?

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This very interesting book deals with a subject that is little talked about and rarely understood, namely what happens at the moment of death and immediately thereafter in the afterlife. The author first examines our makeup as human beings, since our various parts go to different places at death. This is followed up with what death actually is, where it originated and why, and what happens when it occurs. Then the various places relating to the afterlife are examined, followed by the two resurrections which occur in time, the final judgment, and the events which take place as time as we know it ends. There is also an Addendum dealing with questions, such as: Are babies which die prematurely in Heaven? Is cremation of God? Will we know each other in the afterlife? What is important for the reader is knowing what happens at death and afterwards so that one can be prepared, for although not all human beings die in time, yet all with definitely experience the afterlife. This life after all is just a passageway to the next!

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