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Christian Horse Training (CHT) is discipleship with horses, and describes, teaches, and shares how the same principles of your journey of joy with Jesus Christ can be used to offer leadership to a horse to bring it into delightful and confidant fellowship with you, a worthy master. Gospel messages are the foundation of CHT.
Christian Horse Training offers horses relationship that transforms conscious capitulation into reflexive, instinctive obedience built upon faith in a worthy leader.

Christian Horse Training (CHT) shares the truth and practical application of God’s grace, mercy, and faithfulness with other horsemen and hprsewomen who love Jesus. The true purpose is to equip them to do likewise on their own journey of faith. Focus and commitment are requirements of worthy leadership and building faith. Horses taught the author, a World and National Champion breeder and trainer, the full measure of both, helping her appreciate the limitless grace and love of Jesus Christ.

"Discipleship with Horses- Journey of Joy" is an inspirational and practical book to help you claim Jesus’ promise of peace, joy, and freedom from fear today. As you use these tools to build your horse’s faith in you, your own faith in Christ will expand. Discipleship with horses (Christian Horse Training) isn’t about training horses, but helping Christians find joy in their own journey with God, horses, and one another.

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