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Soul Journey Change your mind and light your fire

276 pages3 hours


Have you ever wondered, why is this happening to me again? The answer is in ten steps, each a chapter, to heal your hurt, open your heart, design your future and break open an unlimited life. Filled with jaw dropping stories you will laugh, cry and sit on the edge of your chair as you enjoy personal growth. Author, Carol Reynolds M.S., shares her coaching experiences from the couch and from the seminar room. You read a concept then a coaching story of how it is applied so you can apply it to your life. Homework that makes you think. You discover new ideas for relationships, careers and happiness. “What you believe that you don’t know that you believe,” Carol says, "unknowingly designs your life." This book will open your awareness with life changing ideas. Real ideas you implement today to improve your life and overcome resistance to your real soul journey. “Does life happen to you or through you?" Carol asks. “Changing your mind is the answer.”

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