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Black By Popular Demand: Is the American Black Living on Borrowed Time?

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A black man's candid look into American mainstream black society. Have African-Americans made any progress at all in the last fifty years, or are we just spinning our wheels and headed towards total extinction? Blunt and honest looks are taken at where blacks are, where they are going and what black people need to do to survive. Also, there may be a new breed of black man in America's future - the black "breaker." Have black people had enough to the point where there is a rift forming within our own communities, and more blacks are breaking away to start all over again? White Flight exists, but there is evidence we are now seeing Black Flight - but where do these blacks go in America when they leave black communities, and should we applaud or condemn them for their actions? For the blacks that the breakers leave behind, what will become of them? All these questions are answered and more, along with real world approaches for a black that is absolutely sick of the system and wants to start a better life.

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