The Krown of Keter

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The Krown of Keter

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Length: 96 pages49 minutes


A Literary Treasure for Kids Unplugged
Stories about once-upon-a-time are really timeless. A grandmother tells a story to a brother and as sister, about a brother and sister of long ago or long-to-come, and their adventures in the woods. They seek a spring using a Y-shaped branch, and discover a strange kingdom---on and off a giant fallen pine tree, a thousand years old, but a place of marvelous life, full of ferns and moss and creeping, jumping things, for the very time of now. A sign, on the barrel that holds the wishing well, tells them to find the Krown of Keter, and two wishes will be granted to them. After that they are involved with A Magic Symbol, A Mysterious Book which can only be read by the light of a Magic Lamp, a Giantess who tells them what to wish, and hopes they won’t, an Old Man who warns them that the wrong wish brings horrible war. Sassimint Grace writes about the woods she knows, which are magic, and how we’d better not mess with them and destroy their magic. Children on a quest can have scary power and had better learn how to use it the right way—Or Else.

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