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Porndemic: How the Pornography Plague Affects You and What You Can Do About It

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“Every responsible adult, mother, father, grandparent, teacher, principal and pastor should read and own a copy of this book. The liberal laws in the country, and the progressive degeneration of morality, have led to the proliferation of a host of evils. The plague of pornography must be stopped, but can only be done through Biblical advocacy, education and a call back to holiness. We must preserve the future generations and fight this insidious evil – accurate knowledge is critical if we are to be taken seriously.”
-Erin Georgiou, Editor – JOY! Magazine

“Pornography is highly addictive and destructive material that harms individuals, families and society. At Focus on the Family, we encourage Christians and churches to begin talking about the harms of pornography and sexualised media and to proclaim the beautiful message of God's design for sexuality. This book is a wonderful tool that can be used powerfully to affect change in this regard. With specific focus and information relevant to this country, I would encourage every Christian leader in South Africa to have a copy.”
-Graeme Schnell, CEO – Focus on the Family Africa

“South Africa has very high levels of sexual abuse of women and children. I believe pornography contributes significantly to this scourge of society. Porndemic is a welcome contribution in the fight against pornography. Ms Hodgson is well known in Parliament for her valuable contribution to Godly governmental principles, particularly when it comes to the public making submissions on proposed legislation. It is, therefore, an honour to endorse this book, which will assist Christian apologists in fighting against the onslaught of secular humanism, which, in this case, is evidenced through the legalisation of pornography.”
-Steve Swart MP (ACDP) and Member of the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development

“Porndemic is an excellent, comprehensive reference on the harmful effects of pornography on individuals, families and ultimately society as a whole. It is a ‘must read’ equipping tool for every parent, school teacher and organisation wanting to make a difference in today’s hyper-sexualised world.”
-Clive Human, Director – Standing Together to Oppose Pornography

“Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry that not only degrades women but puts vulnerable children at great risk. As a former principal prosecutor, I was appalled by the number of rape and murder cases that had been triggered by an addiction to pornography. The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world, and much effort needs to be invested in reducing and eradicating such crimes. Well done to the authors of this book for providing a comprehensive and pro-active response to the pornography challenge. This book is solution-orientated and gives great direction to the Body of Christ and society as to how to respond to this challenge. In my view, this book is long overdue and I earnestly recommend that this book be distributed as widely as possible.”
-Pearl Kupé, Attorney At Law, pro-family activist, President – Hebrew Midwives Ministry

"Porndemic is a must read book that will expose the fruitless works of the lust of the eyes through pornography and help people of faith and values to remove the blight of pornography from their lives and the culture at large. It is a powerful presentation of the corrupting influence of pornography. I urge everyone who cares to read it."
-Dr. Ted Baehr, President – MovieGuide and The Christian Film and Television Commission, USA

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