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Bred By The Sperm Donors

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Rebecca is single, in her thirties, and wants a baby desperately. She spends hours sifting through sperm donor profiles, eager to find the perfect match.

When her best friend Jillian, who works at the sperm bank, approaches her with two sexy leads, Rebecca is floored. These two men are ridiculously hot, intelligent and accomplished. How will she ever decide between the two?

Jillian knows just what to do: invite both sperm donors to a hotel to ravage Rebecca in person, and fill her up with their seed!


A shudder of anxiety ran through my body. "W-what?" I asked. "This has got to be a practical joke. Come on, Jillian, you're not fooling me."

"No, I'm not fooling you," she replied sternly.

"Get this blindfold off me!" I exclaimed, reaching for it again, only to be met with another sharp slap to the back of my hand.

"No, no, no," she admonished. "Bad girl. Do that again and I'll have to get one of these big strong men to give you a spanking."

I sat still. I crossed my arms and shrugged. “Fine, Jill... whatever trick you're trying to pull, go ahead. I'll just sit here and wait for the punch-line."

"Good," she replied.

I heard a faint whisper, and then bodies shuffling around me. I felt the heavy presence of someone coming closer, entering my personal space until I was shocked by the touch of lips on my neck, kissing me from behind. I jumped up, startled, and felt two large manly hands press against the sides of my arms.

"W-what is this?" I gasped. The hands squeezed me gently, trying to reassure me as the lips touched my neck again. I was inhaling deeply, but trying to relax, as the man kissed my neck sensually, planting soft pecks up and down the delicate flesh.

I felt a warm, wet feeling emerge between my legs. Only seconds into it and I was already getting turned on, but the hotness of it was still overshadowed by the bizarre nature of this whole thing. Why did Jillian bring me here? Who were these two guys? Were they really the donors? Why did I have to wear a blindfold?

I grunted, partly out of distress and partly out of pleasure, but before I could speak, Jillian answered with a determined, austere quality to her voice.

"Just relax, and enjoy this experience for what it is," she said. "Don't worry, I'll leave the three of you alone. But guys, make sure that blindfold stays on."

"B-but!" I objected, my belly filling up with fear. "But I don't even know these guys!"

"Yes, you do," she replied bluntly. "We read ALL about them."

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