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The Cuckold Collection (Three Hotwife Stories)

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This collection contains three kinky short stories about pathetic men being cuckolded by their hot wives! These husbands get off on watching their wives being rammed in every hole by men who sport much bigger packages!

In Cuckolded By The Billionaire, businessman Ken becomes a reluctant cuckold after a billionaire client requests Ken's wife Stephanie for the afternoon.

In Cuckolded By The Sex Therapist, unfulfilled wife Bree learns how to revive her marriage by cuckolding her inadequate husband right there in the sex therapist's office!

In The Cuckold's Surprise Party, Jeremy is in for the shock of his life when his wife Sarah lives out his ultimate fantasy by becoming a hotwife and getting banged by Jeremy's buff co-workers right in front of him!

WARNING: This collection contains 15,000+ words of raunchy, kinky hotwife stories!

Read an excerpt:
"Doesn’t it disappoint you to be with me?”

She shook her head emphatically. “No! You’re perfect… honestly.”

Jeremy smiled, but he didn’t believe her. “Come on. Look at me. And then look at you. You’re way out of my league. You deserve a big buff guy to come ravish you, tear off your clothes and ram his gigantic c*ck into your p*ssy until you explode all over it.”

Her lips curved upwards as she let the fantasy consume her mind.

“It does sound nice…” she sighed.

“I know,” Jeremy replied, wrapping her up in his arms. “It sounds nice to me too. I’d love to just sit back in the corner and watch it happen. It would be such a turn-on.”

Sarah took a deep breath and then shook her head rapidly, as if trying to rid her mind of the idea. “No, you listen to me,” she said resolutely. “I love you. I married you. So what if you’re not Fabio? I don’t mind. You’ve got a skilled tongue and that’s all I need.”

She leaned into him and kissed him passionately. He loved the sentiment, and he knew she was being completely sweet and sincere. That’s what he loved about her.

But he still couldn’t shake the fantasy from his mind. Whenever he caught a glimpse of her firm round ass in a tight pair of jeans, he couldn’t resist imagining another man’s rigid pole being jammed deep inside her sopping wet p*ssy, or even her tight little *sshole, and it made his c*ck throb with desire.

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