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Two Lonely Hearts

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Robert Hoyt has just learned he was adopted.

In a desperate attempt to find out about his background, Robert heads to Kansas City and the orphanage he hopes will have answers. There, he meets another orphan, a six-year-old boy who stows away on the train and claims Robert is his daddy. As little Sammy collects relatives, he leads Robert on a merry chase through Warsaw, Missouri, as their lives become entwined with Sammy's schoolteacher.

Juliann Farrar has taught in the little country schoolhouse near her farm since her husband died on their wedding day. She loves her life except for the loneliness. But Juliann doesn't want to lose another husband, and although she's falling in love with both Robert and Sammy, there's the matter of Robert's adoptive father who is determined to see Robert and his birth father dead.

Can she love another man only to lose him?

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