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Direct, plain and often with much humor I believe God speaks to us individually according to our personality types. As I read God's Word He speaks to me in a very real way. I often write these thoughts down in my journal or Facebook notes to ponder over at a later date. The more my friends asked me to print a note for them or speak at one of their gatherings about what I had written the more I thought about putting them into a more accessible format. In my walk with God I have learned there is no judgment in Christ, God's Word is still just as relevant today as ever and He will meet us where we are if we come to Him with an honest heart and no preconceived notions. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary a snippet is defined as a small part of something. Snippet is also a programming term that is often used in Mac and Windows operating systems to clarify the meaning of an otherwise "cluttered" function. The snippet reduces the detail into a smaller, more understandable format. Thus the name for my first book; "Snippets" is just that - thoughts that God has used to summarize my reading of the Bible into smaller, more understandable pieces of His big picture. This short devotional is just my way of including others and inviting them to join me on this wonderful journey I call life.

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