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Chasing Shadows!: A Dream

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Kings Sunrise and Sunset lead a formidable expeditionary force throughout the earth in search of Inferno, the elusive terror of nations. They destroy land after land, but they do not see the artful dodger. The Kings long for a peaceful earth like the paradisaical Golden City. So they shoot and bomb the spirit parents of Inferno: Hatred, Oppression, Frustration, Injustice, Mistrust, Fear, and Enmity.

But the kings find that they are chasing shadows. Because guns and bombs do not kill spirits. Neither do weapons solve the world's many problems. Instead, they make bad things worse. Therefore, Inferno, dangerous son of the seven devils, finally sets the world on fire!

CHASING SHADOWS! is a surreal and entertaining adventure, an allegory on the war on terror.

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