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Profitable Thinking How To Think For Yourself To Help Others

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One day, at my 86th birthday party, during a gathering of our eleven children at home, I was asked to tell them what kind of work I was doing. Of course, they knew I want to my office every day but they did not know what I actually did while in the office. I began by telling them I am an inventor of a number of office products, also told them that I am an award winning sales letter writer and I write letters to help my clients sell their products. In addition, I help my clients in many other ways to be more successful with their marketing efforts. I summarized all of that by telling the kids about how I help my clients find ways to solve many of their marketing problems with profitable thinking. In short, I said: "I help my business friends with their business problems so they can be more successful and earn more profits."

I have attempted to write the kind of book, here, that you will find interesting and helpful in your business life. The examples that follow are merely stories that illustrate some of the ways I used what I call profitable thinking to help both my business and the business of my clients as I taught them the importance of spending time each day thinking profitably.

Next, they wanted to know how I was able to do all of that. I said, "I went to college after I got out of the Navy and took several classes where I was taught many of those subjects. One of my daughters interrupted me and said: "Daddy, you really should write a book and tell some stories about how you are able to help so many people be more successful."

I hope this book will help you and at the same time explain as clearly as possible that profitable thinking should be at the top of your list of things you should do every day.

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