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Getting Started With Scrapbooking: How to Create Your First Scrapbook

64 pages26 minutes


Welcome to the world of scrapbooking!

Now you can reate your first scrapbook that everyone will LOVE without knowing anything about scrapbooks!

This book offers practical advice from a real-life scrapbooker who has learned all the tricks over many years of experience working at her craft.

Getting Started With Scrapbooking will give you the instruction as well as encouragement and inspiration you need to start your first scrapbook. The abundance of pictures make it almost possible to read this book without reading the words. Addressed immediately are some of the most common reasons people hesitate to start their first scrapbook. But this won't be you!

Imagine the Oohs and Ahs you'll receive when showing of your new scrapbook.

Buy this book now and discover the many joys of scrapbooking.

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