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Good News Divorcees: We Are Forgiven

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Good News Divorcees is exactly that, it is encouraging and refreshing news to those who have been through the pain and separation of divorce. The good news is that, contrary to what mainstream preachers preach, God does not hate divorce. For years the divorced/remarried have been told that we have committed a sin in the eyes of the church. And what's worse, a sin that apparently has no forgiveness or recourse. Using a holistic approach, this book attempts to diagnose the illness that has all but rendered the church ineffective in being salt and light to the culture at large and all but useless in restoring the divorcee to full fellowship within its own ranks. A careful examination of the original languages of the Bible reveal that inaccurate translation lies at the root of the problem. But the sickness is compounded by leadership too lazy to search for truth; complacent congregations too comfortable with the existing caste system; and, defeated divorcees too willing to trade their freedom in Christ for the privilege of sharing a pew with the never-divorced. Using simple research tools, the reader is shown that divorce is not a sin, and it should not disqualify a forgiven Christian from serving in church leadership. Ignoring this "schism" in the body of Christ is no longer an option, either for the divorcee or the local church body. In light of the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ, the church must stop being selective of God's grace; stop compromising with the culture; and, stop alienating fellow believers.

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