The Man Who Flew Too Much

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The Man Who Flew Too Much

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Length: 79 pages1 hour


There are some dreams that should remain tucked away with the night time, but Bennet Noble decided to live his. Just a few small steps, he planned, to see if his feet could leave the ground and if he could float down the hall and into the longue, and perhaps a little bit into the outside yard. No one knew why he did it, if it was for fame or merely more attention in the office at work. There was the possibility that it was only to gain the attention of young Fennel Richmoney, a woman deeply devoted to her cats and their education.

When Fennel was a girl she tried to teach her family dog to read, but he only wanted to play fetch with the book. When she was older, she turned her attention to cats, and one by one assembled a formidable collection of wise felines, plus a couple of dumb ones.

The Man Who Flew Too Much is a whimsical novella whimsical about dreams, love and a little bit too much of a good thing. It's also about those who dare to underestimate cats.

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