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Your Life Is Calling

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Happy. Healthy. Wealthy. We want to be all those things, but how?

Are you just going through the motions, feeling depressed, lost and defeated because nothing in your life is going right?

Maybe the days feel longer, your time feels like it isn't your own, or you're tumbling through a minefield of chaos and despair. Maybe you just want to cry.

Do you feel empty of inspiration? Have you heard about and tried using the Law of Attraction, but feel you can’t make it work?

Maybe you feel like your energy is focused outside of yourself and there is nothing left to cultivate and grow. Maybe you feel you are not one of the ‘lucky ones’ that reaps those awards.

When was the last time you felt alive? Really alive?

There is more for you in this world. You possess the ability to create the life you dream of, to harness your time and energy and focus it into a beam of purpose. And this is a fact for EVERYONE.

There is a way for you and the answer already lies within you.

Kahla Kiker brings these stories to you to enlighten the path you are on in hopes they will open your eyes to the abundance and inspiration that surrounds you. Within these pages are stories of everyday people just like you overcoming hardships, awakening to their potential, and inspiring the fulfillment of their dreams. You have an amazing soul – it is capable of so much. You are not a product of your negative environment; you CAN change your life to the one you dream about. Don't waste another moment sluggishly pushing through your life. Open your mind, open your heart, and see what the human spirit is meant for – true joy, inspiration, and success. Within these pages you'll be provided with the clarity to define your dreams and reach for what you've been longing for. Through these stories you will see that anything is possible and nothing is out of reach. Ask yourself, “What do I really want?” and be prepared for doors to open, pathways to be illuminated, and the truth of what you desire to come forth. Inside are the answers you seek.

Your LIFE is calling! What are you waiting for?

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