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An Indelible Imprint: Ruben Cobos, A Multi-Talented Personality

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Few individuals who retire from academia leave an indelible imprint, but Rubén Cobos can be counted among those whose legacy is guaranteed. His contributions, both in and outside the classroom, to the annals of Hispanic language and culture of New Mexico are well inscribed for present and future generations to assimilate and enjoy.At peace with himself in his golden years, he spoke proudly of his longevity in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, a magical planet that he warmed up to and came to love. Cobos’s compassion for Hispanics and their language, customs and traditions in the hinterland, his interest in students, love of pets and music, plus his fondness for tinkering with telescopes, is unequivocal. The word “beautiful,” which becomes a leitmotiv throughout "An Indelible Imprint: Rubén Cobos, A Multi-Talented Personality," perhaps best portrays his persona and assessment of life on this fragile earth of ours.

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