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Song of the Silence

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Now the East calls the heroes (Eroa, Aria, Utini, Hera and their companions) deeper into the travail of the age. Ancient migration trails call and open the way to China where their mission is misunderstood.
They must convince those in power to help them on their way. Tu Ahu must be raised to harness cosmic energy to hold the dark powers at bay. Then the Silk Road calls and they cross vast deserts within lands lifted high. And Tibet calls in its own special way. Mystery surrounds the journeys that unfold and danger looms larger each day.
Amidst towering mountains, mighty river valleys and sweeping sands, the challenge of the trails is met. Here they rediscover the power of the ‘Silence’, a unique force born of old tides that serves them well.
Although they gather about them leaders of great standing, a labyrinth of obstacles blocks their way. The Black Robe forces gather greater and greater strength until the quest seems doomed to fail. Are they of the Silence and is the Silence of them? Is all truly one?

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