Crimes of Faith
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From the Publisher

The world you will abandon keeps in faith only to those who practice chaos and tyranny. But you, you will remember them who deceive and mislead. You will become wise and strong, able to distinguish those who live in fear of others and those who live with courage and fortitude. Wisdom shall become your stronghold, and you shall discern all things. Light shall shine throughout your days. You will remember faith cannot be placed in the dead on behalf of the living.

This book cannot be written with kind words. It will not be poetic. It exposes the desensitization process, deterring its followers into oblivion. It demonstrates the disregard for social and moral rule. It renders shame and guilt, good and evil. It also provides a way out through acceptance of truth, enabling faith.

False hope prevails; contained within is an opposition to an attempt to bring repressed thoughts or feelings into consciousness.

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