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The Female Alpha Trilogy (Shifter Romance Books 1-3)

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Curvy Sienna has always felt like an outsider within her own wolf pack. Deemed not quite as desirable as the other females and constantly disrespected by her alpha, it is no surprise that Sienna harbors a secret desire to leave forever.

When she meets handsome white wolf Arric from the rival Silverlake pack, she meets a man who finally respects and understands her. They embark on a steamy but dangerous relationship. One that would mean certain death if either were caught.

However, it is only after meeting Arric that Sienna begins to believe in herself and it is he that makes her feel special. Little does she know that she might just be more special then she could ever have imagined...

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Jasmine White Q&A About “The Female Alpha” Trilogy

Q- So just what inspired you to write a story about a female becoming the alpha?

A – I really wanted to do something different. There are many alpha male romance stories out at the moment and all follow a similar theme. I thought it would be pretty cool if the female became the one in charge this time. Women do run the world after all!

Q- Were you worried people would not like the idea of a Female Alpha?

A – It was an idea I knew I wanted to write and if it didn't take off then so be it. But judging from the feedback everyone loves the fact that Sienna rose up to be the woman in control. You see her grow through the story from being repressed to being a total bad ass!

Q – What sort of reader would enjoy reading “the female alpha” trilogy?

A- I really hope it can appeal to the general shifter romance fans but also those who are into new adult romance, urban fantasy and, of course, anyone who loves a good bbw romance. I like to feel I have written a story that can appeal to most audiences on that side of things. If you enjoy packs and pack-life then you are in for a treat.

Q – Lastly, is there more to come from the female alpha after this trilogy?

A – There has been such positive feedback about the trilogy that it would be good to bring Sienna back for one more adventure. But I do like to think the main story was wrapped up in these 3 books. So if there is a follow up it would be a brand new story thread!

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