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Your Pandora's Boxes to Abundance

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Your Pandora's Boxes to Abundance is all about living life abundantly, and on your own terms. Each major area of your life comes with its own set of keys, and now you're being given the right set of keys to open up each and every 'pandora's box.' There is a pandora's box for overcoming self-sabotage, to making more money and being healthier to name. It's all covered in this book.

Your Pandora's Boxes to Abundance takes you on a real life journey of two fictitious characters: one male and one female, and what they've learnt and thought when their thoughts are either harmonious or inharmonious at any given moment. Harmonious thoughts give you the right set of keys in opening up "your pandora's boxes to abundance," while the inharmonious thoughts will keep that good old locksmith busy - because you have the wrong set of keys to open up the treasure chest of greatness we all deserve. Easy to make amends now.

Written for all, whether you're a self-improvement junkie, or you're quite new to this line of thinking and personal development. The author received her Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners certification back in April 2007.

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